Monday, January 30, 2012

another lie

This was sent to me by someone concerned for RR.
It seems lying is what she does best.
This is supose to be on her blog.
Posted on April 27, 2011 by Redyre Rottweilers
You know, some people need to grow up.

Donna, you don’t need to blame anyone else but yourself for information which you post openly on forums. SARA has not ratted you out on anything.

Another flash for you. It is not illegal, nor is it stalking for people to attend public dog events. Paranoia. Maybe you need to seek treatment.

Or perhaps learn when to stop typing.

Or perhaps look in the MIRROR when you say STALKER, with your BLOG that is filled with nothing but vicious stabs at Stephanie Mueller. Sour grapes, hmmm, since you lost the court case with regard to your forging her signature on the registration papers of 2 dogs?For heaven’s sake. If you want things to stop STFU already.

It seems she does not know the facts.AKC said I did not sign those papers so I did not loose the dogs because of that.I lost,because Stephanie Mueller has been thru the system quite a few times and knows how to play it.Her county,her Judge.
I suggest you take down the lies you have posted.
I have tried to get things to stop for a long time now.But you miss James (Redyre Rottweilers, and Stephanie Mueller,Rebelhaus Rottweilers and Camp pit weiler) will not leave me alone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stolen Photo

stolen photo
I posted a picture of my puppy Darla on my website.This photo was stolen by Rebekah James/Pless/Chastain( Redyre Rottweilers) and posted on her website. She owns neither the dog nor the photo.
Why would someone who cares not what I do(or my dogs),need a picture of my puppy?I'm sure she is not as good as her dog Redyre Extra Spicy co-owned by Steve Orenstein .Or the Bitch she is trying to sell.Redyre Double Blessing who she is breeding to Steve Orenstein's dog Cammcastle’s Valentino v QR.I'm sure she is not even as nice as Redyre Choice of a Lifetime owned by Sally Robison of Florida,who she is breeding to Ivoss Rotley Crew v Caloosa Ranch owned by Deb Listander & Blase Pfefferkorn .My puppy can't be as nice as any of these,so why steal the picture?
I really don't care is she is not as nice as Redyre Extra Spicy co-owned by Steve Orenstein .Or the Bitch she is trying to sell.Redyre Double Blessing who she is breeding to Steve Orenstein's dog Cammcastle’s Valentino v QR.or as nice as Redyre Choice of a Lifetime owned by Sally Robison of Florida,who she is breeding to Ivoss Rotley Crew v Caloosa Ranch owned by Deb Listander & Blase Pfefferkorn.
Again Rebekah James/Pless/Chastain I own dogs to injoy them,not breed them to death(as Penny was).If you stay out of my life I will stay out of yours.I will also be taging this post with everyones name.I'm sure they are all going to love being draged into your one woman monkey show....
photo from my website

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still stalking

Remember this... I have no reason to stalk are completely INSIGNIFICANT to me....that means "of little importance". You are no more bothersome to me than a fly, so get over yourself.

On 2/24/2011 I was showing my dogs at the Fond du Lac Kennel Club AKC show.The president of the Oshkosh Kennel Stephanie Mueller UKC Judge #6687
shows up at the show to watch.Why is she at an AKC show?She has no dogs to show,nor does she show AKC shows.After Kendall was shown in Breed I ran her out side to pack up my van.I had puppies with me and I feared for the lives of these puppies.She must have gotten up and followed me right out the door(witnessed by 2 other people).Remember I lived with her for a while.I know the extent of her stalkings.She once to an x-boyfriends wifes house durning a thunder storm.To sit outside and wait for her to leave so she could steal her dogs....I am putting together a letter to AKC about this stalking(since she is the president of the Oshkosh Kennel Club.This is conduct unbecoming the President of the Oshkosh Kennel Club(can't wait for someone to google that)....I am looking into a restraining order too.This is getting out of hand.It's really hard to scrap dog shit off your shoe if you have to step in it all the time...
Please Stephanie Mueller,President of the Oshkosh Kennel club and respected(cough) UKC Judge #6687 Get your own life and leave me out of it....There is no reason we should ever have to meet again...

She says she cares not for my website,yet here she is again.I
m guessing her boyfriend is not keeping her busy(or has she cheated on him like she has everyone else in the past?)
IP address:

First visit: Fri Apr 8 2011 10:19am
Visits: 1
Language: English
Location: Ripon, WI, USA
Operating system: Windows 7
Web browser: Internet Explorer 8.0
Resolution: 1440x900
Javascript: Enabled
Apr 8 2011 10:19am 12 actions 4m 35s Vom Rommelfaenger Rottwei...

I say again Stephanie Mueller of Consintration camp pit weiler...Get a life of your own...I'm sure by now my dogs are dead(you notice she has never posted them on her website,yet she loved them so much)...A piece of dog crap she is in my opinion,somone I have to keep trying to scrape off the bottom of my shoe...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who's stalking who

I want to thank the people of the Gaff board,who know what a lier this person really is,and for sending me what she posts.
CPWdirector #5 [url] [-]

Gaff Grand Champ

12/01/10 5:36 AM
I don't have any pics I can quickly post, but my runs are similar to what is being posted. Chain link, but I use brick and gravel areas for the bottom. I also have "dead space" between some of the runs, and also put up a 4' high stockade fence...just to insure no fence fighting or "eye-balling". When Dean is here, there are 5 intact males, and I prefer not to have any issues. My dogs are also not outside unless I am home and can keep and eye and ear on them....I have a crazy stalker and I don't put much past her after she stole dogs from me. There are 8 kennels, all at least 12' x 12', and they are enclosed by another 6' stockade fence, just to make sure. Some of my neighbors aren't so good about keeping their dogs home, so its just insurance.

The brick is easy to hose down, and the dogs usually poop on the gravel areas, so that is easy to clean too. My runs are right off the kitchen, so even if they do get wet feet from the snow, they don't track it on the carpets.

Yet if I'm stalking her,why does she show up on my site to see what I am doing?

Dec 13 2010 5pm 8 actions 1m 28s Vom Rommelfaenger Rottwei...

These are the same pages she hits all the time.
Dogs Owned by me

again if I'm stalking her,why do I not show up at shows she is showing at?
Or why do I not go to her web site to see what she is doing with her dogs?
She should have my IP address by now,if I was stalking her....

She is also trying to say that Jerry Sampson of Sampson Rottweilers breeds dog with health problems,instead of blaiming herself for the way her dogs turned out.
Every breeder knows hip problems are not just hereditary,but also enviromental.
Leaving a dog locked in a crate all day is going to cause remodling.
I payed for Dooska's x-rays in Dec of 2006.She was OFA good .Living and spinning in a crate for the last few years I'm sure has done damage.
She asks why not all of Jerrys breeding are up on OFA.I ask Concentration Camp Pit Weiler.Why are not all of your puppies up on OFA?
4 litters of Rottweilers and only 2 up on the OFA site,
Plus all the APBT's she's bred,where are their OFA's?Maybe she needs to find more friends to pay for her dogs health testing...

Again dog crap get off my shoe.....Live your own life and leave me alone...More and more of your so called friends are seeing what you really are...a lier and not a good one out of court...

So it seems Stephanie Mueller is reading my Blog.
Here is what the president Of the Oshkosh kennel club just e-mailed me.A respected UKC Judge(LOL) none the less...

[ No Subject ]Wednesday, December 15, 2010 8:24 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"D. Troll Rankleclanker"
Know don't give me enough credit....I found you when you thought you were well-hidden, and if I wanted to stalk you, you would NEVER see me coming.

Does this sound like a threat?
Sounds like one to me.....
I will for sure be forwarding this to Oshkosh Kennel club members and UKC...They need to know that this person is unstable.(as you remember she uses this name on face book....))))

another e-mail

Re:Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:22 PM
From: "D. Troll Rankleclanker"
To: "donna rommelfaenger"
No, you silly little insignificant Troll...when you hid behind a PO box...I found where you lived. Do you really think I would waste my time stalking you after I got my dogs back. Besides, there are ways to mask an ISP so you would never know who was actually looking at your pathetic website. Although I am sure you already know that.

There is no threat...just trying to get you to wake up. I have no reason to stalk are completely INSIGNIFICANT to me....that means "of little importance". You are no more bothersome to me than a fly, so get over yourself.

Although I can't speak for the numerous other people who despise you, I can assure you I AM NOT STALKING YOU, OR YOUR BOYFRIEND. Remember, I have Dean to occupy my time and energy ; )

I'm sure she knows how to mask her e-mail account,but not her server,as with her IP address comes up her server also. CENTURYTEL9

another e-mail address blocked.How many new e-mail address does she need to make up to keep harrassing me?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Face Book fake profile

Stephanie Mueller is supose to be an adult?
Who makes a fake profile of someone on Face Book?(A child) Still trying to make everyone believe what I've posted to be all lies.
Here are her first two posts on her fake profile page.

DTroll Rankleclanker Blah, blah, blah....If I keep telling the same story maybe someone will eventually believe it. And if I post it on a blog, it HAS to be true!
November 12, 2009 at 4:08pm
DTroll Rankleclanker My version of reality is so much more fun that the "real" reality.....and it makes me look better too!
November 11, 2009 at 12:38pm
Now she just uses the page to play games....This is an outstanding UKC Judge....
Please report this page as a fake profile...
Notice most of the stuff on the profile has to do with me.My birthday,drawing with dots,my blog...

Birthday:January 6, 1959.
Likes and Interests
.Activities:, , writing fiction, spelling poorly, using improper sentences, pretending to be "Somebody", threatening to blogInterests:Dots.....LOTS of dots!

This again is supose to be a respected UKC Judge (one who cheated on her test to become a UKC Judge).

Monday, May 10, 2010


Everyone of you who think she is your friend,think again.
To Dan if you do not believe she aborted your baby ask her boss he paid for it.
Amy you believed she would treat your dog better then one of her own.Wrong your dog was stuck in that crate the whole time she was there.Not treated any better then one of her own dogs.I even took a picture of her in her crate.
Her Dad the person she hates the most in this world.He purchased her house twice for her,sent her to school to get a better job and life,and she could (would not)even go to his house to groom his dog..I'm sure she is still waiting for him to die so she can have his money.
Justin and Ben.She said so many lies about all the titles she was going to put on Moose,and how she would not get any more dogs till she did.We know where that went.Moose is dead...She also pretended to be sleeping when you guys went to Kenney's.She stated she could not trust Justin or Dan.As she was only dating him to get his dogs(which she got).
She lied in court way to many times to count,why ?So she can keep my dogs locked in a crate like the rest of her dogs.
Still lies to Sevens Owner.She could barely put an Obed title on a great working Rottweiler,don't let her fool you into believing she has any plans on putting Obed titles on him.
To Lew Mavrik's breeder for saying she would care for the dog properly.
To Jerry Dooska and Inga's breeder.She did not put any of the titles she said she would on the dogs.She lied by not doing Jerrys web site.She would hide from him for weeks/months.Never working on his site like she was paid to do.
To the general public She hides in her home,making sure no one pops in to see how many dogs she really has or how they are being miss treated.How would her business really do if it got around her dogs have killed other dogs????
To the person who inspects her home.Shame on this person for not poping in to do an inspection.This is the only way you will ever know how many dogs she is really hiding.Not that you really care,since you get dogs groomed for free from her...
To UKC for having someone else do her Judges test...
To me for saying she would take care and love Bradley.She loved him till she got Moose,she loved Moose till she got Jane.When Bradley died it was the happiest day in a breeders life.How can a dog go from the love of your life,to a dog just left in a crate?
To all the people she has stalked ,I now know what you went thru.Dan's wife ,who she stalked for about a week.Driving 2 hours to sit outside her home,waiting for her to leave so she could steal back the dogs she gave her. She stalks around the internet pretending to be someone else,under the name flower_ child89.She is stalking me all over the internet.Also under the name petlover.There are others but I can not get on those forums from my computer.
To Kevon the black guy she was sleeping with.She stalked his girl friend and him for weeks,and then thought he was following us to a dog show in MI.
To her boss who she used his credit cards for entering dogs into shows,buying stuff off e-bay.Even checking his e-mail daily to make sure she got any e-mails about what she was spending.
To Jeff Brucker (Rottweiler Handler).She made copies of his DVD (which she stole from Tom) to sell to her friends.
It also must be really boring where she is hiding.As if she doesn't have enough to do with 15 plus dogs to care for.She plays childish games on Face book and sits on my web site all day.Why?I don't even go to my own site every day.Don't you think time would be better spent on your and my dogs?I know my dogs are not use to being stuck in a crate all day while you sit around on the internet.
Hiting my website 15 times in one day again how childish is that...I can say I have not been to her website in over a year,I have no need I know what she is doing with my dogs and hers...NOTHING. WOW,,, she almost made it a whole week without stalking me on my site (Must have had the internet cut off again for not paying the bill).
I tell you this person is unstable.She has little thought to animal well being or human life...
She doesn't come back till
6/26/2010 2 times in less then 20 min.9:51pm/10:06pm.Guessing her internet was shut off again.It must be hard living her life trying to prove me wrong.When all she has to do is take me back to court...Plus when I stated I knew she is doing nothing with her dogs.I ment the real dogs,The Rottweilers the ones she calls her bred bys Scarlet and Elwood,where are they?why arn't they out showing/trialing.Not the POS Pit/Staffs she breeds,with no health testing..
7/21/2010 still can't totally keep away...And she says I'm the stalker....
6/6/2010 1 time
6/4/2010 1 time
6/3/2010 5 times again starting at 5 am..
6/2/2010 3 times
6/1/2010 starting at 1:00am 6 times(couldn't pick anyone up at the bar to take home with you so you have to come see what I'm doing?)
5/31/2010 2 times
5/30/2010 2 times
5/29/2010 3 times
5/28/2010 2 times
5/27/2010 3 times
5/26/2010 4 times again starting at 4 am
5/25/2010 5 times again starting at 4 am
5/24/2010 7 times starting at 4:00am
5/23/2010 4 times
5/22/2010 only 3 times (slacking)
5/21/2010 6 time
5/20/2010 5 times
5/14/2010 5 times
5/13/2010 6 times
5/12/2010 5 times
5/11/2010 9 times
5/10/2010 15 times
This is someone people are supose to look up to? as a respected Judge?A reputable breeder?
Again the lies keep coming.She has built her life on lies.
Dog collectors always think they are the best place for any animal to live...One day the lies will all catch up,and all you who think you are her friend will find out the truth...
Her lack of action shows I did not lie.If none of this was true,she would have me in court to take down the lies.Instead she tries to dispell the truth with more lies...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to add all the evidence to show the lies.(Evidence is the currency by which one fullfills the burden of proof)
She stated to AKC that I signed Elwood and Daphneys registeration forms not her.(my phone number was on the back she could have called anytime.)Watch her signature on all these contracts and see if they are the same.Contract for Alexa in 1996,the ammended breeding contract,which she said in court she doesn't remember reading as she just drove from IL to Ohio. the altered entry forms Elwoods and Daphneys the proof they are not correct.This is taken right from Bloodlines,as you can see the writing is on top of a photocopy.If it was the orginal the writing would not be darker then the rest.Plus the date is day of show(which would be 100.00 for a whole weekend).Plus the special weekend price was 65.00 in 05 not 70.00.
This is an E-mail sent to me about these entries.So you can see UKC knows about the lies. UKC should give a 4 year suspention for all 3 UKC Judges involved.Me(for helping her cheat on her Judges test).Her for not taking the test herself,and for lying in court with altered UKC documents,and Dr Myles for altering UKC doucuments submited in court.Plus if any of us want to become UKC Judges after the 4 years we should have to take the test at the UKC office to insure there is no cheating.
I took Elwood Daphney and Dooska in for OFA's.The appointment is in my name and I payed by check.She stated in court that she made the appointment for these three dogs and she paided me cash.
Why would her dogs be in my name if she made the appointment?Appointments for OFA's have to have registeration papers e-mailed a head of time.Why would she give me cash and I turn around and pay by Check?She spun some great lies in court.
Here are Elwood and Daphneys Vet records,Again why are her dogs in my name and why did I pay all their vet bills?
The Judge asked for proof that I gave her my dogs,all she ever proved was her name was on the papers.I asked twice for a jury trial..This Judge failed in doing what was right.If anyone goes before Judge W.N McMonigal you don't need proof of ever purchasing anything .Just site case number 09 SC 08 and state you paid cash for everything so you have no records....
In 08 before she said I stole her dogs she posted on an open forum that someone who lived with her fed their Rottweilers Canidae I have been a member of the Canidae breeder program since 5/13/06.If I was not feeding my dogs Canidae,whos dogs were they?
Here is a letter from the person who took possession of Mav'rik for Breeder Lew Olson.
This is her own admission that she has over her limit of dogs(since she can't sell any).
As I copy and down load other evidence,I will add it also.
Please feel free to pass this around,send lots of letters to UKC about Judges behavier.I will be posting this everywhere once it is done.
I did offer 2000.00 to buy my dogs,before the court case was over.
Since the end of the case I have recieved 3 randsome letters.The money she wants is now extortion money.I will not pay her that kind of money to get my dogs back.
I now have offered the cost of spaying and neutering of both dogs as payment for them.
I want my dogs back but will not line a dog theft and liers pocket.
First Randsome note on 10/8/2009 1st and only note to purchase dogs...
Second Randsome note A and B 10/22/2009 again I counter offered 2000.00 for the dogs.
Third Randsome note again I will not pay a randsome for my dogs.The offer for both dogs is the cost of spaying and neutering.Plus stalking me at dog shows just to watch my dogs does again show the unstablness of this person.
I'm hoping to end this in court again soon.
Seeing them both in jail would make me very happy.....
Wow to find out she too has a blog to try to dispell my lies.
Again I did live with her,I was on unemployment almost 300.00 a week.So not paying any bills or rent (her idea).I had plenty of money for my dogs and breeding Daphney.
She states I lived with her for 3 years and never contributed to the house hold.
Who again lets anyone live for them for 3 years who does nothing?
I payed my way by working and again she never paid for an entry of any dog in a UKC show in WI or any show I Judged while I lived with her.
Either I contributed to the House hold or the sex was that good that she just let me stay with her for 3 years.Either or.
She never talks about her dogs temperment problems,Did Tommy kill a dog?Did you give Vici away without telling the new owner he was dog aggressive?did he not kill a dog?What about Moose did he not attack you and put you in the hospital?Is there not another puppy of your out there with temperment problems?
Dooska could have been purchased for 1500.00,but she paid 2500.00 because she wanted to breed her.When asked in court why not just pay 1500.00 she stated she wasn't paying that kind of money for a pet...I was asked to come to court by Dooska's breeder.I did tell him both of his puppies where kept in crates and spun in them all the time.They ran circles in them from being locked in them all the time.
Mav'rik did not (again) hurt his leg while being in the basement.I told her it happen while he was outside playing with Red.I had 5 dogs while living with her who ran in the basement all the time and not one in 3 years ever hurt themselves.
Getting my dogs back and having people know the truth about her is all I care about.If all this is untrue would not taking me back to court to get it taken down be the first thing anyone who is not lying do?
The proof is in her responce.I still have not been served...
I wish I really would have been more into the Bible growing up.Not sure I really believe in heaven or hell.But I can say I do know what it's like to be there.Since my dogs where wrongfully taken in July ,I have been in hell.
I have thought long about this.
If there really is a place like that ,I would sell my soul to make her pay for stealing my dogs.
If you hear of 3 different dog maulings(not killings).Know there really is a hell and I have gotten what I wanted and can spend forever with a smile on my face.Know 3 monsters will forever have to face the fact they are really monsters...
You ask what could drive a person to even think like this.I have failed my dogs (the Justice system has failed my dogs).Justice is about the truth .The truth was not listen to in court as the Judge felt this was a waste of his courts time.I think the Judge needs to rethink why he is a Judge.It is supose to be about the truth.I was not given what everyone is supose to be intitled to,my day in court with a jury of my peers.I was denied a Jury trial twice.
So with all the lies spued by Stephanie Mueller in court,her lies on the internet,and her childish games on face book.I really don't care what happens to me any more.Sure I have dogs,but I don't have my dogs,dogs I bred,dogs I delivered and raised.
So if there really is a hell,I'm willing to give up my life to go there.Knowing she will forever have to look herself in the mirror every day and see the monster she really is....